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Specials - Basses, Guitars, Gear

All Specials On This Page Are Valid To January 31/18 While Supplies Last.


Bassics BPA-1 Bass Preamp  Reg. $748.00.00  Special $648.00 CAD Used in our showroom as demo unit. 100% new condition. Click image for more info.

Bassics BPA-1 Bass Guitar Preamp

Buy It Here - Add To Cart For Delivery Within Canada


Demeter Minnie 800D Power Amp 800 watts @ 4 ohms. In new condition.  Pre-Owned $800.00 CAD Demeter Minnie 800D Power Amp - Pre-Owned Demeter Minnie 800D Power Amp - Pre-Owned

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DNA Amps DNS-110 Bass Cabinet  Pre-Owned

DNS-110 DNS-110

The best in tone quality and performance in a small lightweight system.
This little box will really deliver down deep and throughout the entire range of your bass!

Components: one 10" woofer
Neodymium tweeter, 2-way crossover
Power Handling: 350 watts 700 W Peak
Impedance: 8 ohm
Sensitivity: 100dB @2.83V/1M
Connection: Speakon
Dimensions: 12"H x 21"W x 15"D
Weight: 27 lbs.
Handle: two side/top handles
New Price: $750.00 Pre-Owned $550.00 for one, $1000.00 for two.


Roscoe Classic 4JJ Bass, Seafoam Green  Reg. $3499.00  Super Special! $2599.00 CAD
New Old school Jazz vibe with Aguilar pickups & OBP-1 preamp That's a crazy good price!

Roscoe Classic JJ4 Bass

Roscoe Classic 5JJ Bass - Smokin' J passive vibe with Aguilar pickups. Super Special! $2250.00 CAD
Can easily be upgraded with an active EQ preamp - like the drop in Sadowsky 3-knob plate preamp

Roscoe Classic 5JJ Bass


Roscoe Classic 5JJ Bass  Super Special! $2699.00 CAD
Great old Jazz vibe with powerful Low B and Aguilar pickups & OBP-1 preamp

Roscoe Classic 5JJ Bass

Roscoe Century Standard Plus PJ5 Bass  Special $2999.00 CAD That's a giveaway price!
Phat finger and sweet slap tones on this beauty. Aguilar PJ pickups & OBP-1 preamp

Roscoe Guitars - Century Standard Plus 5 Bass


Alembic Stanley Clarke Brown Bass  Pre-Owned $9500.00 CAD Super Deal $9000.00 CAD

Alembic Stanley Clarke Brown Bass - Pre-Owned


Elrick Expat e-volution 4-String Bass   Special $2899.00 CAD

Elrick Expat e-volution 4

Elrick Expat New Jazz Standard 4-String Bass   Special $2599.00 CAD

Elrick Expat NJS 4
Victor Baker Model 35 Semi-Hollow Archtop Guitar  Reg. $4700.00 USD  Special $3700.00 USD

Victor Baker Model 35 Archtop Guitar


Sadowsky Electric Nylon Guitar Reg. 4700.00 USD Special $4300.00 USD

Sadowsky Electric Nylon String Guitar

Sadowsky NYC T-Style Electric Guitar  Reg. $5000.00 USD  Pre-Owned $3750.00 USD

Sadowsky Electric Guitar


Sadowsky Metroline MV4 Bass  SHOWROOM DEMO SPECIAL $2599.00 CAD

Sadowsky MV4

Sadowsky Metroline MV5 Bass  SHOWROOM DEMO SPECIAL $2699.00

Sadowsky MV5

D'Angelico Excel EXL-1 Hollowbody Archtop Guitar - Natural  Reg. $1959.00  Special $1450.00 CAD

D'Angelico EXL-1 Archtop Guitar


D'Angelico Excel 59 Hollowbody Archtop Guitar - Sunburst  Reg. $2239.00  Special $1999.00 CAD

D'Angelico EX-59 Archtop Guitar


D'Angelico Excel 59 Hollowbody Archtop Guitar - Grey/Black  Reg. $2239.00  Special $1999.00 CAD

D'Angelico EX-59 Archtop Guitar


D'Angelico Excel 63 Archtop Acoustic Guitar - Vintage Sunburst  Reg. $2299.00  Special $1799.00 CAD

D'Angelico EX-63 Archtop Acoustic Guitar - Vintage Sunburst


D'Angelico Excel DC Semi-Hollow Archtop Guitar - Flame Maple  Reg. $2239.00  Special $1899.00 CAD

D'Angelico EX-DC StairStep Tailpiece Archtop Guitar


D'Angelico Excel DH Hollowbody Archtop Guitar - White  Reg. 2189.00  Special $1979.00 CAD

D'Angelico EX-DH Archtop Guitar


Analysis Plus Pro Studio Oval Instrument Cable


Solo crystal copper is used to create the smoothest possible sound. The ultimate instrument cable with double shielding and conductive dielectric layer to eliminate charge buildup. Our patent hollow oval design ensures all the music from the guitar reaches the amplifier. Low loss FEP dielectric is used for fast transients.

15' ST-ST Reg. $499.00 Special $429.00


Analysis Plus Toslink Optical Digital Cable


A very flexible 8.0 mm OD fiber optics cable with a metal body Toslink connector at each end. You can be assured that your digital signal we be free from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI/EMC) for the purest data stream.

Made from medical grade, light-conducting fiber, it has excellent light transfer characteristics and, unlike glass, will not microscopically fracture when flexed.

2 Metre Reg. $69.00 Special $55.00
3 Metre Reg. $89.00 Special $64.00

Lengths (Metre)

Analysis Plus USB Cable


The Analysis Plus Univeral Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 cable is rated at 480 MHz from the (USB-IF). Analysis Plus Purple Plus USB is double shielded cable with a large signal wire of 28 awg and power of 24 awg to avoid voltage drop. The conductors are oxygen free copper and also twisted to reduce Electromagnetic interference. The connector pin is 30″ gold plated. A great value in a flexible high quality cable.

1 Metre Reg. $99.00 Special $79.00

2 Metre Reg. $129.00 Special $109.00

Lengths (Metre)

Hercules Triple Guitar Stand

Hercules Triple Guitar Stand  Reg. $137.00 Showroom Demo Clearance Special $79.99


isoAcoustics L8R200 Speaker/Studio Monitor Stand

isoAcoustics L8R200 Home Speaker/Studio Monitor Stand Reg. $189.99 Clearance $139.99 (pair) New In Factory Box

Designed for home speakers and studio monitors. These stands provide 14 variations of height and tilt to optimize speaker placement and performance. Isolate your studio monitors from the supporting surface and allow them to breathe so they can deliver the clearest and most accurate sound possible.
7.8”x10”/20×25.4cm Short: 5”/12.5cm Tall: 8.75”/22.5cm


T Rex Fuel Tank Junior  Special $99.00


Groove Tubes 12AU7 Tubes Special $15.99 each