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Your team successfully accomplishes what others only attempt; quality personalized service with first-rate products, delivered on schedule. It's surreal how smoothly the transaction took place. From the first email and phone call, to holding it in my hands, it still seems like a dream.

The bass-playing community deserves to know the top-notch service, attention to detail and quality instruments that you provide.

I haven’t merely acquired another instrument, I’ve established a trusted relationship.

Gil Young
Carbondale, PA, U.S.A.



There are three things I noticed when I started dealing with Club Bass; first, the showroom is bright, clean and inviting. The basses are beautifully displayed as if they were pieces of art...which many of them are!
The owner, Dave, always has coffee on Saturday mornings for those of us who shop there the day after late Friday gigs. And you can deal with him directly for sales and service.

Second, Club Bass has a great inventory; from Lakland to Sadowsky, Elrick to Alembic, whether you are shopping or have a specific bass in mind, Dave's got you covered.

Lastly, there's the service. Both Dave and Rick, the bass tech, really do go above and beyond. Set ups are done to the strictest tolerances. They are always accommodating to us working musicians whose schedule makes it hard to get work done on tight time lines.

Before you buy that next instrument, check out Club Bass.

Doug Collier
Toronto, ON, Canada



Greetings to all fellow Bass Players: I would like to share my news with you about finally finding that Holy Grail with our sound we all seem to look for.
I have found mine with my new DNA Amps DNS210 cab! The sound from this cab is sweet and full bodied! The high notes stay thick, not thinned out (great slap sound too), the mids are super punchy but musical, and the bottom end... now that is the real treat! It's huge, round, warm and yet punchy as hell! The kind of tone you would not expect from a 10" driver. The DNA DNS210 cab speaks very well with my Monique 700 amp, it's like hearing all the clarity and definition of the studio, but with all the power and presence you would ever need on any stage!

Thank you Dave Freeman at Club Bass. You certainly know your stuff to help us Bass Players sound great!

Al Petrolia
Freelton, ON, Canada



It was a great pleasure to visit you again. Thanks for your insight and wisdom, I am so immensely inspired, this bass is EXACTLY what I needed to move forward.
Keep Doing What You Do, Dave. You have no idea how important a role you play, in the overall "thing" we call; music.

Glen Scammell
Ottawa, ON, Canada



Club Bass came through for me where others couldn't be bothered! And I received my bass promptly! This Lakland Skyline 55-01 Limited is the most playable and best looking instrument I've ever owned. Thank you Dave.

Chris Ferguson
Chilliwack, B.C., Canada



The first time I went to Club Bass was in 1997. I played several basses that day, but sadly was unable to afford any of them. Ten years later, in 2007, I bought a Lakland 55-02 on Dave's reccomendation.
In September of this year (2010) I played a Sadowsky. WOW, that was sweet!!! On October 23rd I bought a Sadowsky Metro RV5. This is hands down the nicest bass I have ever owned.
I have been buying strings for my basses from Dave for many years now and will continue to do so, due to the great service I receive at Club Bass.
Thanks Dave, for stocking exceptional instruments, and giving us bass geeks a place to call home!!!

Doug Mason
London, ON, Canada



It was about two years ago when a friend told me about Club Bass. Since then I have taken two of my basses in for a setup. Club Bass not only has the best in high end bass gear, Club Bass also has the best setup tech that I know of; Richard. He is amazing. Every time I have gone in for a setup he has never let me down. Each time I get my bass back it would feel killer and play like butter...lol.
Dave and Richard have never let me down.
I will always go to Club Bass for all my bass playing needs.
Club Bass is the only place for your bass playing needs.

Thanks Club Bass

Paulo De Bartolo
Brampton, ON, Canada



    I first heard about Dave and Club Bass from my bass instructor years ago. After finally checking it out, I've yet to find a better store with better advice. Dave is consistently helpful, both in person and through email. I've purchased a Lakland bass, Mark Bass amp and Bergantino cabinet from there, plus numerous other things. Keep up the good business Dave.

Jonathan Manafo
Toronto, ON, Canada

pic If you're a bass player why go anywhere else? Club Bass is very helpful and knowledgeable. You don't feel like your being pressured by some burned out guitar player.
I tell everyone to try Club Bass. Thanks!

Mario Orsini
Toronto, ON, Canada

pic I was looking for a high end bass and contacted Dave about Ken Lawrence basses. Dave set me up with a beautiful Lawrence Brase II that is one of the most amazing instruments I have ever played. I have been getting loads of compliments on my sound since I got this bass.
I play a monthly gig where the soundman insists I play this bass as its tone is clear and 'amazingly consistant'. Apparently it's the only bass he doesn't need to use compression on for the front of house mix.
It was a pleasure to deal with Dave. He answered all my emails quickly and offered some great opinions on gear. It's great to deal with someone with his knowledge and experience. I would certainly recommend dealing with Dave.

Rob Stevens
Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

pic Any bass player considering buying a new bass or amp should definitely pay a visit to Club Bass. Dave's service was excellent and his knowledge of quality, state-of-the-art products amazed me. His store offers all different types of traditional and rare manufacturers at a great price. I've played two gigs so far on my new Ashdown combo and I already love it's tone! Thanks Dave for setting me up with this rig!

Andrew Balfour
Wolfville, NS, Canada

pic   Dave at Club Bass really knows his stuff. I walked in to pick up some strings and check out the store I had heard so much about, and I walked out with a Lakland bass! In 20+ years as a professional bass player I've never had such a great experience purchasing a bass.

It is a large breath of fresh air to finally find a store that really understands bassists needs -- the trip to the local music store typically doesn't get you anyone remotely knowledgeable in the bass department.

I have not yet found anyone that comes to close to having the information at hand but the experience that Dave does. Between Dave's expertise and the amazing selection of basses and related gear, as well as the relaxed atmosphere at the store it's a win-win situation for everyone. Bass players really need to get into this store for a visit.

Mark Guertin
The Funk King Band / Gonzo
Oakville, ON, Canada

pic   Dave let a novice teen come visit his pro shop, make some not-so-pretty noises, and walk out with a classy bass. Thanks for being patient with me, and letting me decide what I like. Over two years later, and I'm still happy. I love my Lakland!

Korey Freeman
St.Jacobs, ON, Canada

pic   Club Bass - it's not just the name of one of the best "bass-left" shops in the world- it also describes the feeling of camaraderie and belonging that bass players universally share with other bassists. The single biggest issue amongst members of that group is excellent tone, and how to find your personal "sound" with a selection of instruments that is currently at historic highs in terms of available colors, numbers of strings, pickup types and price range. You can (and most do) spend years and many thousands of dollars qualifying what works for you- or you could simply call Dave Freeman and cut through the bullshit.
For as long as I've known him, Dave has dispensed rock solid information, advice and top tier gear to any who take the time to avail themselves of his holistic approach, real world experience as an ace player and many miles as a dispenser and consumer of gear. As any who meet him will freely admit, you can spend the time and dough trying to do all of the work yourself- or simply plug in to Club Bass and get the skinny on what is what in the world of bass. And then you can buy pre-qualified equipment of the first order and get on with doing what you were born to do...making music that isn't limited by either your tools or your previous state of ignorance. Rock on, Dave!

Bruce (Jake) Jacobs
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

pic   After a brief chat on the phone with Dave I got the impression that he knew exactly what I needed. A few days later I received the best bass (sight unseen) I've ever owned in my 39 years as a professional musician. U rock Dave!!

Dennis Marcenko
Vancouver, BC, Canada