About Black Volt

Meet Gio Loria

Gio has been in the music business for over 20 years as an accomplished professional musician. He has also worked as a producer and helped many artists realize their voice and sound. He's also an avid collector of all things audio and related gear.

Gio's friend, tube amp guru/Groove Tubes founder Aspen Pitman, introduced him to audio/electronics restoration and calibration expert, David Riddle. Their first meeting was so animated and synergistic that Gio struck a deal to share a space in Dave's warehouse to work along side him. Gio had no idea at the time how much knowledge was about to come rushing at him.

It was about that same time that Gio's father passed away from a fierce bout of lung cancer. "Pops" was a lifelong electronics and telecommunications engineer. He spent his career working with the Army, GE, Western Electric, and later helped to develop cellular and fiber optics technology with Sprint. "When Pops died, it was almost like I somehow mystically downloaded all of his passion for electronics."

In the ensuing years, Gio continued to fervently learn as much as possible about the technical and scientific aspects of electronics engineering. With a deeper understanding of how and why things work inside of all those complex electrical circuits, Gio started building his own unique amplifier circuits from scratch. All of under the tutelage of the extraordinary David Riddle.

The Black Volt Amp Mojo

Each Black Volt amplifier is completely handmade and carved out of raw materials one at a time, and signed by Gio. Black Volt makes the cabinets, the metal chassis, and the circuits. Many of their amps are a combination of new and vintage parts that are utilized to more closely replicate the sound and feel of the highly sought after holy grail amps.
It's normal practice for reclaimed lumber to be used for the amp cabinets. Often, 100 year old solid, aged and dried pine is used in the cabinetry. Much like the wood from an old amp or fine vintage instrument, it pings and rings when you tap it.
Gio hand selects the wood that will be used for our amps!

CB&G & BV - Parallel Worlds?

In his young years, like Gio, Dave of CB&G took apart amps and PA gear to know how it worked. He spent many hours with a hot solder pencil in hand repairing/modifying amps. In the early 90s, Dave met Aspen Pitman of Groove Tubes and then sold his products at the CB&G store.
Years later on a mission to find a super cool guitar amp line for the shop, Dave discovers Black Volt. Wow! Someone was making tube guitar amps old school style - amps that looked like old 1940s radios. Oh that was love at first sighting.
What followed was a few phone chats with Gio, and then a meeting in Los Angeles in January 2020. (Video interview with Gio below)

CB&G is proud to be the exclusive Canadian dealer for Black Volt.

Gio Loria, owner Black Volt Amplification