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    AER Amp Three Bass Combo Amp Reg. $2599.00 Pre-Owned Special $1499.00









    Amp Three is a powerful loud combo amp. Don’t be fooled by it’s compact size. We’ve sold many of these to happy owners.

    Here’s your chance to get one at a great price. This pre-owned amp is in new condition. Original padded carry bag is included.

    Configuration: 2 x 8″ heavy-duty bass-speakers
    Input Connection: 1/4″ input jack socket high impedance line input stage with pad (high/low attenution)
    Features: ground lift, headphone output, line out, sub out, footswitch (muting and effect loop), send, return, insert pre/post EQ, aux in, adjustable DI-out
    EQ: 3 band with parametric mids, Colour – mid-cut-treble-boost-filter
    Bass Boost: +10 dB / 55 Hz
    Tonal Balance: the tone balance enables bass or treble emphasis or a combination of both
    Compressor: with adjustable ratio and threshold
    Output Connection: speaker, Line, headphone
    Power Output: 200 W / 8 ohms, dynamic control
    Cabinet: 18 mm (0.70″) Finnish birch plywood
    Finish: waterbased acrylic, black spatter finish
    Handle: top mounted handle
    Dimensions: 366 mm x 416 mm x 315 mm (14.41″ x 16.38″ x 12.40″ HxWxD)
    Weight: 16 kg, 34.97 lbs.
    Accessories: padded gigbag (included)

    Bartolini MK1 5-String Bass Pickup Set – New Old Stock $60.00 pair








    Shell Dimensions 4.26″ (108mm) x 1.32″ (34mm)

    Mono Guitar Cases – Close-Out Clearance Prices Available In-Store Only

    M80-2G Dual Electric Guitar Case – Black

    M80-EG Single Electric Guitar Case – Black

    Vertigo Semi-Hollow Guitar Case – Black

    Sadowsky 4 Knob Bass Preamp Reg. $409.99 Special $289.99








    Last chance to get this preamp and at a deal! We won’t have it again.

    Sadowsky 4-knob Bass Preamp is a completely prewired system. It has the same controls and preamp as all Sadowsky basses.  Preamp controls are Volume, Pan, VTC, stacked Treble/Bass.  VTC=Vintage Tone Control (pull up for total bypass).

    Sadowsky 4-knob Bass Preamp can be installed with the included control plate or mounted through a rear control cavity in either a 4 in-line or diamond pattern.


    Sadowsky Bass Guitar Preamp/DI Pedal Reg. $409.99 Special $299.99









    The Sadowsky Bass Preamp/DI pedal contains the same famous circuitry built into every Sadowsky bass. It’s housed in a small pedal box for use on the floor.

    Controls: Volume, Treble boost, Bass boost
    Footswitches: Preamp Bypass, Mute switch with a live tuner out, DI Ground Lift Switch

    Sadowsky Bass Preamp/DI pedal is great for passive basses, basses with active pickups, and instruments that have active electronics that can be bypassed. It also works with all upright bass pickups.

    Limited Supply. When they’re gone, they’re really gone. Last chance at this deal.

    isoAcoustics L8R200 Home Speaker/Studio Monitor Stand Reg. $189.99 Clearance $129.99





    Designed for home speakers and studio monitors. These stands provide 14 variations of height and tilt to optimize speaker placement and performance. Isolate your studio monitors from the supporting surface and allow them to breathe so they can deliver the clearest and most accurate sound possible.
    7.8”x10”/20×25.4cm Short: 5”/12.5cm Tall: 8.75”/22.5cm

    Pioneer DM-40 Active Monitor Speaker, Black – Showroom Demo Sale $169.00 (pair)








    Compact DM-40 desktop monitors for excellent audio quality to your home setup.

    12″ Bass Guitar Speakers – Surplus Sale $80.00 ea.

    New generic 12″ bass guitar speaker. 8 ohm 300 watt ceramic magnet speaker.

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