The Team

Dave Freeman, Founder

Dave’s first musical instrument was an acoustic guitar that was given to him in his youth from his grandfather. Like most people, his early exposure to music came from TV and radio. While still learning guitar, Dave also tried saxophone, violin, tuba, trombone and percussion, in school music programs. None of them spoke to him.

Then in high school, an opening in the stage band for bassist came up. Dave jumped at it because bass was so cool. But he had never played bass before, lol. What followed was the beginning of a life long love of bass. 

Dave’s musical influences includes classical, pop, rock, R’n’B, jazz, and he studied Jazz at Humber College in Toronto. He has performed for over 25 years in Toronto with various artists and styles from jazz to rock opera, theatre concert shows, and festival stages including a show with 100,000 people in attendance! 

Along with being a musician, Dave has written for several Canadian national music publications as columnist and reviewer.

Richard Bales, Master Tech

Richard began repairing string instruments when he acquired his first guitar while in his teens. There were no music shops close to him, so he learned to do setups and repairs himself.

Word of his skill got around and soon Richard found himself doing work for other local musicians. For the next fifty-odd years Richard continued to do instrument repair work, first as a sideline, then as a full-time business.

Richard has worked with Club Bass as Master Technician for more than 20 years.  In this time, he has developed techniques and tools used in the setup and repair of basses and guitars, helping to raise the bar for quality and accuracy in this work in Toronto.  His influence has also extended across North America through his participation in a number of online forums where he has shared his substantial knowledge and research.

Lise Anne Hardy, Marketing Manager

Lise Anne is the connection between us and the social media world; Blog, Facebook, and Instagram. She also managers our live music performances and art gallery shows.

Lise Anne is also a certified Barista. During events, you’ll find her rocking our cafe with custom roasted coffee, espresso, and tasty delights.