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  • CB&G Live Music Sessions

    Put musicians in a room full of instruments and nature will take its course. Dave, along with other musicians, would perform in the showroom on Saturday afternoons. Word got out about this and music lovers began attending. "The Saturday Socials" became an ongoing thing; great music, great coffee, and friends.

    Two years later, and we've taken it a new level. We've created an intimate and interactive setting for you to enjoy unique shows by artists who are passionate about their craft.

    March 23 - Dan McLean Jr. &  Some Honey

    Dan McLean Jr: Vocal, Guitar
    Katey Morley: Vocal, Percussion, Glockenspiel
    Stacie Tabb: Vocal, Percussion
    Steve York: Vocal, Percussion, Harmonica

    Advance $12.00, At Venue $15.00

    Time: 2:00pm - 4:30pm, Doors Open 1:30pm

    Still hot from their concert at The CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio in February, Dan McLean Jr & Some Honey will perform their show in our intimate and interactive setting.

    Dan has been singing and performing for decades. His longtime influence and passion has been Philadelphia Soul music, aka Philly Soul. Mix the sounds of Adele and Hall ‘n’ Oates, and you have this group.

    Songs of grown-up people falling in love, like it was the first time, and having their hearts broken, like it was the worst time. Many of us can relate to that!

    What Reviewers are Saying :

    “Beautifully performed, and so very well written ~ the positivity and optimism throughout is quite overwhelming, an absolute rarity these days it seems”

    “A divine conduit of honest-to-goodness music”

    “Right at home at the end of some momentous and epic film”

    “I absolutely adore these songs”



    Please send an email with any questions or comments about our events. Thanks!

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    Our showroom will be closed Saturday March 23.

    We have a special performance event this day.

    Click below for details about this show.

    Dan McLean Jr. & Some Honey

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