Our Story

Businesses usually start with one or more people coming together with; an idea, develop a plan, get funding from a bank (or personal investment) and get a location. Well, that’s not how Club Bass happened. It was more like the movie Field Of Dreams…….’build it and they will come’. This ‘organic evolution’ has always been part of our DNA and continues to steer this ship through the treacherous waters of retail.

I am Dave Freeman and I am the founder of Club Bass in Canada. I had been playing gigs for many years and like other bassists, was in pursuit of great tone. During the ‘80s, I bought, sold and used every piece of gear ‘under the sun’ on gigs, rehearsals and shows. I discovered that my knowledge of audio and PA systems offered a huge benefit in vetting and evaluating bass gear – the build quality, the design, and most importantly – the tone! Along the way I also did bass and gear reviews for a national music industry magazine.

By the late 80s, I met most of the local bassists around Toronto and they expressed interest in getting assistance with their bass gear. This led to me converting a room in my house – being transformed into ‘the bass room’. I offered advice not only with their selection of gear but also on ways to optimize their sound. Interest continued to grow, and word started getting out about ‘the bass room’ and more and more players came around. Bass products were added to the room; strings, gig bags, then basses, and bass amps.

After years of operating ‘the bass room’ out of the house, 100s of sales later, and with encouragement from the bass community, I took the plunge and opened the 1st Club Bass store front in 1994. This ‘organic evolution’ and my never ending quest for ‘the tone’ had given birth to – Club Bass – Canada’s only bass boutique store. Now, 25 years later, Club Bass is continuing its evolutionary path by morphing into Club Bass & Guitar. The same rigorous standards used in vetting bass gear for a quarter of a century have been duplicated and are used in search of ‘the tone’ for the guitar market.

And, to help celebrate our 25th year with a storefront, we continue to evolve and launched this full-blown eCommerce enabled website. We also have a dedicated section of the site devoted to our Events and you now have the ability to purchase event tickets online. Please come together and help us continue to ‘evolve’ v2.o of Club Bass & Guitar as we look forward to an exciting future with fine instruments, music and friends!

Dave Freeman