A-Designs Audio REDDI Tube Direct Box

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A-Designs Audio REDDI Tube Direct Box

A-Designs Audio REDDI Tube Direct Box is an all tube analog DI that produces a sound and character unique to itself. Think of the Ampeg B15 era; that's this DI. It delivers thick, round, solid bass that fits perfectly in the mix. It's also great for guitars, synths, any instruments, and vocals.

The REDDI has a tube-based amplifier using the 6N1P output tube feeding an A Designs custom-wound output transformer which provides the circuit path for your guitar or bass giving you a sound that you can't get through any other device.

One of the key factors with any tube gear is transformers; both audio and power supply transformers. A Designs Audio custom-builds their own unique audio output transformer to produce the specific sound they're after. To keep the REDDI at its lowest noise level A Designs employs a special toroid transformer in the onboard power supply.

Used by bassists Reggie Hamilton and Justin Meldal-Johnsen, and producer/engineers Tony Shepperd, Ted Perlman, and Dylan Dresdow.

  • All tube analog bass direct box
  • Produces a sound and character unique to itself
  • Inspired by the sound of the Ampeg B-15 tube bass amp
  • 6N1-P tube-driven amplifier feeds signal directly into a hefty custom output transformer
  • Wide-bandwidth design from 20Hz to 60kHz reduces in-band phase shift
  • A-Designs Audio REDDI Tube Direct Box - Specs

    Input: single Neutrik 1/4"XLR combo, and single 1/4" thru
    Input Impedance: 1M ohm
    Controls: Heavy-duty Carling toggle Ground Lift
    Frequency Response: 20Hz to 60kHz
    Distortion THD: > .08 @ 1 Khz
    Outputs: 600 Ohm balanced XLR Line, 1/4" Through-put
    Size: 3.5"W x 3.5"H x 14.5"D
    Weight: 10 lbs.