Analysis Plus Pro Power Oval MK II Cable 6 Ft

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Delivers Clean Power
Lowest Noise Voltage
Better Than Hospital Grade Plugs


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Clean Power For Your Audio Gear

Analysis Plus Pro Power Oval MK II is engineered to deliver your audio/video components the clean power they deserve. Most important, it features a 12 AWG gauge cable design has hot and cold leads that are symmetrical with a full shield around the hot and cold conductors to eliminate EMI/EMC.

Designed To Eliminate Noise

The best way to reduce low frequency noise on cables is to reduce loop area. Analysis Plus found from computer simulation and measurements,  that their proprietary hollow oval cables do a great job at this.

In addition, they discovered their proprietary hollow oval design provides a low L (Inductance) clean power cable without having to use stiff and bulky cables.

The Analysis Plus open braid design works much like the window on a microwave oven for high frequencies. So, you can see through the window but the radiation stays where it belongs.

Terminated with WattGate connectors

This power cable has better than hospital grade plugs that have Perma-Lock Terminals combined with large, high spring-rate contacts, glass filled high temperature nylon front housing, polycarbonate rear housing, and stainless hardware. This plug is mated to a true balance cable for lower common mode noise.