GR Guitar AT-G112A FRFR Active 300-Watt 1×12 Guitar Cabinet

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Lightest FRFR Active 1×12 Guitar Cabinet
Outstanding Clarity & Definition
Best Sound For Amp Modellers/Cab Sims


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Compact & Powerful FRFR Active Guitar Cabinet

The lightest FRFR active 1x12 guitar cabinet in the world! Powered by 300-Watts, this FRFR speaker cabinet is perfect for small to medium size gigs. Use two for a highly portable stereo setup with a combined output of 600-watts!

Highest FRFR Sound Quality For Modellers, Cab Simulators, DAW

AT-G112A is designed to work with all FRFR modellers and for accurate reproduction of your sound. To ensure natural un-coloured sound, this cabinet has a custom designed dual cone Jensen/Sica speaker that is powered by a custom built-in 300-watt amplifier module.

The combination of the carbon fiber cabinet, the custom dual cone Jensen/Sica speaker, and the custom amplifier module, makes the best FRFR active 1x12 guitar cabinet.

Aerospace Technology For Clarity & Definition

AT-G112A FRFR cabinet is made of high-tech carbon fiber material that was developed for the AeroSpace industry for its rigidity, consistency, durability and reduced weight. Most important, carbon fiber has better focus, detail, punch, richness, but also has a more open soundstage than any wood guitar cabinet.

GR Guitar AT-G112A Active FRFR 1x12 Guitar Cabinet Specifications

Power Output: 300-Watts RMS (AES Standard)
Speaker: 1 x 12 Custom Dual Cone Jensen/Sica Woofer
Frequency Response: 54Hz to 16 kHz
Sensitivity: 99 dB SPL
Amp Module/Rear Plate
Single 1/4" jack/XLR combo input
Input Gain Control
Power Amp Status LED
Amp Protect LED
Power ON/OFF Switch
AC Power IEC Input Connector
Power Supply 115/230VAC, auto switching
Cabinet Material: patented carbon fiber
Cabinet Port: bass reflex, front panel
Dimensions: 15.7″ H, 20.3″ W x 15.7″ D
Weight: 13.2 lb
Cover: GR Guitar heavy-duty transport cover included
Warranty: 5 years
Made In Italy


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