GR Guitar AT-G210ST FRFR Active 600-Watt 2×10 Guitar Cabinet w/Cover


Available 2022

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Lightweight Stereo Active FRFR 2x10 Guitar Cabinet

  • 600-Watts (300-Watt + 300-Watt)
  • Full-Range, Flat-Response
  • Perfect for small/medium gigs
  • 17.6 lb. One hand lift - carry it with ease
  • Stereo FRFR Active 2x10 Guitar Cab For Modelers, Cab Simulators, DAW

    The GR Guitar AT-G210ST has been designed to work best with all modelling systems and digital systems; Helix, Kemper, etc. This cabinet is lightweight, powerful, and have a wide frequency response for your sound(s).

    GR Guitar has selected the best components for their cabinets to produce the highest sound quality.
    Two custom dual cone Jensen/Sica speakers combined with two 300-watt amplifier modules make this cabinet the perfect FRFR Active solution.
    The AT-G210ST cabinet has been constructed to provide speaker isolation. This reduces interaction between the speakers for greater stereo performance.

    Carbon Fiber Technology Makes FRFR Better

    GR Guitar AT-G210ST FRFR cabinet is made of high-tech carbon fiber material developed for the AeroSpace industry; used for rigidity, consistency, durability and reduced weight.
    Carbon fiber has better focus, detail, punch, overall richness, and a more open soundstage than any wood cabinet on the market.

    GR Guitar AT-G210ST Stereo Active FRFR 2x10 Guitar Cabinet Specifications

    Power Output: 600-Watts (300-Watts + 300-Watts) RMS (AES Standard)
    Speakers: 2 x 10" custom dual cone Jensen/Sica speakers
    Frequency Response: 50Hz to 14 kHz
    Sensitivity: 100 dB SPL
    Amp Module/Rear Plate
    Left (Mono) & Right 1/4" jack/XLR combo inputs
    Input Gain Control
    Mono/Stereo Mode Button
    Power Amp Status LED
    Amp Protect LED
    Power ON/OFF Switch
    AC Power IEC Input Connector
    Power Supply 115/230VAC, auto switching
    Cabinet Material: patented carbon fiber
    Cabinet Port: bass reflex, front panel
    Dimensions: 16.5″ H, 23.2″ W x 14.5″ D
    Weight: 17.6 lb
    Cover: GR Guitar black padded cover (included)
    Warranty: 5 years
    Made In Italy


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