Austrian Audio PG16 Pro Gaming Headset

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High-resolution sound
Perfect Spatiality
Teamspeak Certified


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High-quality pro sound for discerning gamers. Hear every detail as the designers intended. The Austrian Audio Pro Gaming Headset PG16 offers you everything you need as a solid gamer. First and foremost, a crystal clear, high-resolution sound with perfect spatiality, allowing you to precisely locate even the quietest sound details. No opponent creeps up unnoticed and you get a clear edge over your competitors on the virtual battlefield. The closed-back design insulates against external noise interrupting the immersive environment.

High Excursion Technology

Hi-Xcursion (High Excursion) technology is the key to the astonishing sound of the PB16 closed-back gaming headset.

All Austrian Audio Hi-X headphones feature a 44 mm driver and a ring magnet system. This design allows for improved airflow and includes the strongest magnetic field in its class.
The ring magnet, combined with a copper-clad aluminum voice coil, reduces the weight of the membrane and the voice coil connected to it, allowing the membrane to move or change direction faster, providing a more responsive impulse reaction.

Key Features

High Excursion Driver Technology
Outstanding low THD @ low frequencies
Detachable Cable
1.4m. For replaceability, compact portability and safety from damage.
Furnished with 3.5mm (1/8 inch) to 6.3mm (1/4 inch) adapter
Pro or on-the-go
All metal hinges for maximum durability
Ensuring maximum durability and stability
Foldable construction
For maximum portability and easy storage
Soft slow retention memory foam earpads
Providing greatest comfort during long sessions
Multi-Platform: Compatible with PC, Mac®, PS4™, PS5™, Xbox™ (controllers with TRRS socket)
Teamspeak certified award