Black Volt FDR FET Overdrive Pedal


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Black Volt FDR FET Overdrive Guitar Pedal

Handmade vintage style FET Overdrive pedal.

This pedal an organic tube-like overdrive with Volume, Gain & Tone controls. It can act like a bright booster with Volume & Tone up and Gain down, OR full on Overdrive with the Gain up.

Ultra transparent and open sounding with tons of volume. totally organic amp like overdrive & distortion tones at any volume. Tone is not heavily squashed and compressed like other OD pedals.

Built like the front end of one of  Black Volt’s amps. Custom turret boards with the highest quality components, and FET transistors. Each FDR pedal is handmade and handwired the old fashioned way. No printed circuit boards.


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