Elrick 4-String Medium Nickel-Plated Steel Bass Strings 45-105

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Balanced Tension
Strong Fundamental
Gauge .045 .065 .085 .105


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Elrick 4-String Medium Nickel-Plated Bass Strings

Elrick 4-string Medium Nickel-Plated bass strings were developed in collaboration with renowned string designer Les Cooper (DR, Dunlop). Made in the U.S.A. with high-grade string wire to provide accurate stable tuning and intonation, and piano-like clarity without harshness.

More Resonance - Stronger Fundamental

Elrick bass strings have a heavier hexagonal core wire, a thicker inner wrap wire, and a thinner outer wrap wire. So, you'll notice more resonance, stronger note fundamental, and dynamic responsiveness.

4-String Nickel Bass Strings With Smooth Feel - Less String Noise

Because these strings have a thinner outer string wrap wire that reduces string noise and finger grab. You can move throughout the fingerboard with ease. And the strings feel great!

Balanced Tension

Elrick Nickel-Plated bass strings are computer controlled machine wound for precise string to string tension and balance, greater string consistency and brightness.

Why We Like These Bass Strings

We have played and sold many brands of strings. And we've done numerous (so many, we lost count) bass setups. String choice is personal and we get it. But, we have found Elrick strings to be very consistent, balanced across the fingerboard, and intonate very well. And one more big factor, they bring a liveliness to any bass we've installed them on.


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