Elrick EN5-M Fundamentals Nickel Bass Strings 45-130

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Elrick EN5 Fundamentals Nickel 5-String Bass Strings

A premium quality bass string developed in collaboration with top string designer, Les Cooper (DR, Dunlop).

These strings produce piano-like clarity but are not harsh sounding. The heavier hexagonal core produces more resonance, and a stronger fundamental.

The thinner outer wrap wire is has a smoother feel and reduces finger string noise.

You'll notice the balanced tension, and the dynamic responsiveness when you put these strings on your bass. They sound great!

Elrick Fundamentals 5-String Bass String Specs

Nickel Plated Steel Roundwound

Medium Gauge

Gauges .45 .65 .85 .105 .130

Hexagonal Core

34" & 35" scale

1 review for Elrick EN5-M Fundamentals Nickel Bass Strings 45-130

  1. Jesse Dietschi

    Bought a set of these for my Sadowsky Metro a few weeks back based on Dave’s recommendation. Break-in time was relatively quick- I put them on a few days before a rehearsal and they were playable but still a bit zingy, and by the next rehearsal one week later they were perfect (didn’t do much playing in between so they can likely be broken in much faster).

    I love the feel of them- I prefer nickel strings for the slick feel under my fingers more than the sound, and these strings feel great. I’m also really happy with the tension; they’re stiff enough to get a nice clean pull without hurting the fingers.

    Tone-wise, they’re nice and crisp with lots of low fundamental. I like a nickel string that is still somewhat bright, and these certainly check all of those boxes. Time will tell how long they last, but so far I’m very happy with them.

    I would recommend these strings. They’re a couple bucks more than your run-of-the-mill five string sets, but worth the money in my opinion! Thanks Dave!

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