GR Bass AeroTech AT212Slim Bass Cabinet – 4 Ohm

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Lightweight 2x12 bass cabinet

  • 900-watt power handling
  • Compact vertical array format
  • One-hand lift - carry with ease
  • Why You Want The AT212Slim Bass Cabinet

    You want a big sound, you like 12s, and you don't want to drag a fridge size cabinet ever again.
    The AT212Slim a powerhouse cabinet in a small, lightweight, vertical cabinet. It produces big low end that is full yet controlled along with great clarity, snap, and punch. You and your band will hear every note you play!

    What Makes The AT212Slim Better

    GR Bass AeroTech AT212Slim is made of high-tech carbon fiber materials developed for the AeroSpace industry and are used for rigidity and consistency while offering durability and reduced weight.
    Carbon fiber has better focus, detail, punch, overall richness, and a more open soundstage than any wood bass guitar cabinet on the market.

    GR Bass AeroTech AT212Slim Bass Cabinet Specifications

    Weight: 28.5 lb
    Power Handling: 900W RMS (AES Standard)
    Dimensions: 29″ H x 20″ W x 13.75″ D
    Finish: Carbon/Black Tolex
    Impedance: 4 ohm
    Bass Reflex: on front
    Tweeter: 1" with three level control switch
    Woofer: 2 x 12″
    Frequency Response: 35Hz to 22 kHz
    Sensitivity: 102 dB SPL
    Warranty: 5 years

    CB&G AT212Slim User Tips

    We stock this cabinet in the 4 ohm version so you can maximum output from your bass amp.
    One AT212Slim is loud enough for most gigs. However if you're in a really loud band and want to kill it, use two.
    Experiment with placing the cabs side by side or create a vertical skinny tower of power setup.

    *Exceptions may apply

    1 review for GR Bass AeroTech AT212Slim Bass Cabinet – 4 Ohm

    1. Tod Stewart

      Sorry people, I’m one of the reasons why this cab is currently on backorder…managed to get one in November. Paired with the GR Bass One 800 (see my review), it’s a tight, clean, punchy combo. It was funny watching the guys in the band “assume the sumo” when getting ready to lift this cab…then essentially throw it into the air.

      But weight aside, I was primarily interested in sound, and this thing sounds great. With rigs I’ve used in the past (not cheap ones either) I often got murky in the mix. And often one of the two basses I used live (when that was a thing) sounded pretty good; the other one not as much. No issue with the One 800 / 2×12 Slim setup…sits beautifully in the mix and sounds great no matter what bass is used. And the sound is pure, tight, punchy, blahblahblah. Just buy one…

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