GR Bass Pure Drive Bass Guitar Preamp Pedal


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GR Bass Pure Drive pedal is a versatile preamp designed for the most demanding bass players. All the characteristics of the GR Bass sound in a ultra-compact size pedal.

The Pure Drive is equipped with a 4 band EQ with 4 selectable Mid, Deep, and Bright frequencies, and an Overdrive section. The Overdrive Volume and Drive controls allow you to obtain light saturations up to massive distortions.
The Pure Drive is also features a professional tuner with display and a D.I. output.

Made in Italy. Designed and built by a bassist for bass players.

GR Bass Pure Drive Specs

Digital Tuner/VU-Meter
Input Gain
Master Volume
Pre/Post EQ
9 volt
Grd Lift switch
DI XLR output

Deep Filter
Mid Low
Mid High
Bright filter
2 freq for mid Low
2 freq for mid High

Low filter
Drive mod

Dimensions: 17.5 x 15 x 4 cm
Weight: 0.3 Kg


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