GR Bass ONE800 800-Watt Bass Amp Head

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800-Watt Bass Amp Head

  • Lightweight bass amp
  • Compact easy to transport
  • Headphone amp
  • Built-in LED tuner/VU meter
  • Play Your Bass Loud Without Anyone Hearing

  • Front panel connections for your bass, your headphones, and smartphone/audio source
  • Jam along with songs or practice without disrupting your family or neighbours
  • Recording Bass Preamp

  • High quality preamp for home studio or pro studio recording
  • Rear panel XLR DI output connects to your DAW interface or studio mixer
  • Optimize settings with the DI front panel Level control, and Pre/Post EQ switch
  • PURE mode by-passes preamp and routes the signal direct to the outputs
  • Dial In Your Bass Sound

  • Plenty of tone shaping for creating your sound
  • 4-band EQ, 6 selectable Mid frequencies, Deep and Bright filters
  • GR Bass ONE800 Bass Amp – Specifications

    1/4″ Jack: instrument input
    1/8″ Jack: audio input
    Gain: sets instrument and DI level
    Deep button – boost  +5 dB @ 50 Hz
    Bass knob – boost or cut  ± 13 dB max @ 50 Hz
    Mid-Low switch – assigns the frequency of the Mid- Low knob
    185 Hz, Q = 1.2, switch pos 1
    375 Hz, Q = 1.2, switch pos 2
    800 Hz, Q = 1.2, switch pos 3
    Mid-Low knob – boosts or cuts the assigned Mid-Low frequency
    ± 12 max dB (peaking control)
    Mid-High knob – boosts or cuts the assigned Mid-High frequency
    ± 12 max dB (peaking control)
    Mid-High switch:  assigns the frequency of the Mid- Low knob
    600 Hz, Q = 1.2, switch pos 1
    1.2k Hz, Q = 1.2, switch pos 2
    1.8k Hz, Q = 1.2, switch pos 3
    High knob – boost or cut  ± 13 dB max @ 7.6k Hz
    Bright button – boost +6 dB @ 9.6k Hz
    Pure Switch:: EQ/Preamp bypass
    Master Volume: speaker output level
    Speaker Button: mutes speaker output
    1/8″ Jack: earbuds/headphone jack
    Speaker Output: 2x Speakon 1/4″ Combo
    XLR Output: for PA or DAW recording interface
    Ground Lift Button: lifts XLR output ground
    Pre/Post Button: assigns EQ or EQ-bypass to the DI output
    FX Loop: 1/4″ Send and Return jacks
    9VDC Power Port:  300mA Effect Pedal Power Supply
    Power: 800W RMS 4 ohm, 400W RMS 8 ohm, single channel
    AC Input: 115-230v (auto selectable)
    Dimensions: 10″ x 8″ x 2″
    Weight: 5 lbs.
    Warranty: 5 years

    *Exceptions may apply

    2 reviews for GR Bass ONE800 800-Watt Bass Amp Head

    1. Tod Stewart

      I’d say Tim pretty much nailed it. There’s really nothing not to like about this little beast. Clean, lean (and light), and mean (if you want to push ‘er); a small package that delivers a ton of punch. I paired this with the Aerotech 2×12 Slim and it’s a pretty killer marriage. Slices right through the mix, with loads of headroom to spare. My band is currently isolating, but that’s not stopping me from heading in to our practise room (yes, alone; no, there’s nobody else around) now and again to see what else this puppy can do. Tim didn’t mention this – but it’s kinda cool: 9V, 300ma out on the back to power pedals. And, yeah, a mute that engages the tuner…duh!

      I recall (I think) Dave saying he was out of the amp business…welcome back!

    2. Tim

      Club Bass has always carried and recommended the right product. When I inquired about GR, all Dave said was “you’ll want this”. Right away, it was so much of what I was looking for and so much more. At 5 lb. this was super portable and compact (enough to fit in my bass gig bag’s side pouch) but plenty of power to play with a full band with multiple singers or even a choir. I was totally worried about power but after a year of gigging with it I’ve never been left wanting. The on-board tuner designed for the modern bassist (goes to both B and C!) means I don’t have to bring my entire pedalboard to a quick rehearsal. And what? A mute button that automatically engages the tuner? Don’t you think that would be obvious? Yes, and so did GR. And yes the lights are super fun:)

      So then comes covid, I’m itching to play, and what do you know there’s a super handy headphone jack which means I can play, crank the volume and not disturb the rest of my family stuck in our bungalow. And yes…AUX IN to play along with whatever stem or track I want! The clean, adjustable and reliable DI has also made it perfect to plug into my DAC for recording and laying down lines. Sure the EQ is nice and super flexible, but with all time and money spent on pedals and preamps and strings and the right tonewoods, the PURE switch gives me exactly what i’m putting into the unit. And while many say “true bypass” and don’t deliver, the GR delivers a clean, incredible wide range, and full signal. While I usually like a pretty modern tone, I’ll be honest that I’ve been recently learning to love a real vintage sound that I’ve been dialing into this little beast. So yes, it is changing the way I play and sound.

      What else can I say? I love this amp. And did I mention it’s only 5 lb.?

      thanks Dave

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