Modern Vintage MVP4-62 Bass – Burgundy Mist Metallic

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Modern Vintage MVP4-62 P-Style Bass

Classic '60s vintage style 4-string bass with updated features and build.

'60s Vintage P-Bass Sound

  • Alder body - the foundation of the authentic '60s vintage sound
  • Custom wound Alnico-V P single coil pickups produce vintage tone
  • '60s position bridge pickup
  • Vintage style steel bridge with grooved steel barrel saddles
  • Why You Want An MVP4-62 Bass

    You're a 4-string player and you love the '60s P bass vibe. This bass has the old school vintage mojo.
    When you put your hands on it, it's like you're home. That classic sound is right there under your fingers.
    The slim neck feels great and it's so easy to play.
    This bass is also very responsive for any playing style; finger, pick, slap, thumb.
    Put flatwound strings on the bass, close your eyes, play; you're in Motown!

    Modern Vintage MVP4-62 Bass - Specifications

    Body: Alder
    Body Finish: Burgundy Mist Metallic, Gloss Polyurethane
    Neck: Torrefied Maple
    Neck Finish: satin Polyurethane
    Neck Profile: slim C
    Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood with clay dot inlays
    Fingerboard Radius: 9.5"
    Frets: nickel, 20
    Nut Width: 1.75"
    Headstock: matching painted
    Pickups: custom wound fibre bobbin Alnico-V single coil P
    Preamp: passive
    Pickguard: 4-ply Tortoise
    Tuners: Hipshot Ultralite Clover key
    Bridge: '60s Vintage style with steel saddles. 19mm spacing.
    2 Year Warranty: Details Here

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    2 reviews for Modern Vintage MVP4-62 Bass – Burgundy Mist Metallic

    1. Mark Szabo

      A few things, folks. If Dave sells it you can bank on its quality, practical usefulness, and cost-to-quality ratio. This sweet thing arrived extremely well-protected; dang thing took me 5 minutes to unpack and get rid of all the bubble wrap! You will have seen lots of reviews on the Modern Vintage line, and all the good things I saw and read are bang-on, so I won’t add to it.

      Unplugged: she sounds lively, throaty and punchy, like a P should sound. The neck feels amazing. The notes are even across the board. She feels like a boutique bass. (Hint: Get the Elrick stainless strings).

      Plugged in: Same feel as unplugged, but with all the low-end and grit you’d want. One hidden gem is the tone control. It’s actually effective across the entire range of the pot, and you can get a dozen or so useful, different tones from that wee knob.

      Highly recommended axe. Great service. Support this local biz and feel confident about what you’re getting.

    2. Craig M

      Where do I start…if you want vintage P looks these basses have it and then some. All of the 60s era colours look super sharp especially with the tort pick guard. I love the matching head stock too plus it’s not something you see very often on a P bass! The roasted neck not only offers a pleasing look but is also vital element in how lively this bass sounds (see below) too. Clay dots!

      As far as the sound goes, with the tone rolled off it delivers all of those warm round P tones we know and love. Open the tone up and there is plenty of that classic P bark too. The instrument responds wonderfully to different attack and right hand positions. Every tone you need is in this bass…it’s up to you to coax it out. Lastly, I don’t know how they did it but this bass is extraordinarily resonant and alive sounding. The harmonics on this bass are off the charts awesome…it sings like an instrument that costs much, much more!

      Playability is exceptional too…it is an extremely well balanced and comfy instrument to play. I have normally shied away from P basses because of the wider neck but you would never know it was a 1.75″ neck on this unless you measured it as the thin C profile makes it extremely playable. Big neck = big tone!

      Dave told me in 2019 he had something special coming to his shop for lovers of vintage bass tone…he was right on the money and then some! I am absolutely blown away by this bass!

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