Black Volt TREM-O-HAWK Handcrafted Tube Guitar Amp


Handmade, handwired guitar combo amp. Available March

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Black Volt Amplification TREM-O-HAWK Tube Guitar Combo Amp

The newest model from Black Volt Amplification. The TREM-O-HAWK opens the door to a price point that has never been available before to fans of the Black Volt sound.

Handmade straight up design with 15 watts and 10" speaker.

A groundbreaking new amp offering limitless tonal variation due to its’ versatile power section.

Bias modulated tube driven tremolo for those authentic lush tremolo sounds. Footswitch included to operate trem.

Use any octal base power tube including 1 6V6 - 1 6L6 - 1 EL34

You can swap all of the classic power tubes with no re- biasing required to shape your desired tone.

15 Watts of output with 6V6 or EL34

1/2 Power Switch

Solid Pine wood cabinet

Eminence Rajun Cajun speaker

Completely handwired, point to point circuitry

Entire amp completely handmade in LA, California, USA


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