Two Notes ReVolt Bass Analog Amp Sim Pedal

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Analog Tube Bass Preamp
Cab Sim DI


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3-Channel Bass Analog Amp Sim Pedal

Two Notes ReVolt Bass Amp Sim pedal features an all tube signal path with FX loop, MIDI, and Cab Sim. Inspired by an Ampeg® SVT ’76 and a Marshall® 1992 JMP Super Bass Mark II, plus a custom proprietary high gain bass amp, and specified for the exacting needs of the modern bass player.

  • Channel 1 - Classic Clean is ‐ put simply ‐ iconic, delivering the thump, full‐frequency response and power synonymous with channel 1 on the legendary Ampeg® SVT ’76. A titanic tone guaranteed, oozing with rafter‐rattling low end, punchy mids and buttery smooth highs.
  • Channel 2 - Vintage Dirt is your weapon of choice in moments where you just need to cut above the rest. Taking inspiration from a Marshall® 1992 JMP Super Bass Mark II, this is the epitome of a larger‐than‐life bass tone topped with lashings of vintage dirt.
  • Channel 3 - Modern Drive delivers ultimate flexibility for the forward thinking player. Based on an original Two notes design, it's super‐tight with an abundance of gain for a thick “gained‐to‐the‐max” tone.
    And for added tonal versatility, there’s a switchable Dry/Wet Blend that delivers precision and clarity when you need it.
  • Two Notes ReVolt Guitar Specifications

    Input: 6.35 mm (1/4”) unbalanced (TS, Tip/Sleeve), Impedance : 1M Ohms
    Send: 6.35mm(1/4“) unbalanced (TS), Max output level : +11dB, Impedance : 300 Ohms
    Return: 6.35mm(1/4“) unbalanced (TS), Max input level : +11dBu, Impedance : 1M Ohms
    Unbuffered, directly connected to Output when active
    Output: 6.35 mm (1/4”) unbalanced (TS), Max output level : +11 dBu, Impedance : 300 Ohms
    DI Output: XLR, balanced, Impedance : 600 Ohms balanced, 300 Ohms unbalanced, Max output level : +11dBu, Protected against +48V phantom power
    MIDI: MIDI In & Out / Thru, TRS Jack Type-A, Din-5 Pin converter cables included
    Phones: 3.5 mm (1/8“) stereo (TRS, Tip/Ring/Sleeve), Impedance : 39 Ohms
    Aux In: 3.5 mm (1/8“) stereo (TRS, Tip/Ring/Sleeve), Impedance : 10 kOhms
    Preamp Tube: PSVANE ECC83
    Power: Power adaptor:DC Jack 2.1mm, negative center (included)
    Input Voltage: 12VDC
    Power Consumption: Approx. 6W
    Current Draw: 600mA
    Width x Depth x Height: 19.2cm x 11.7cm x 7cm – 7.6″ x 4.6″ x 2.8″
    Weight: 830 g / 1.82 lb.


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