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    We provide premium service for all of your instrument maintenance needs. As specialists, we can set up your instrument to play to its full potential. From setups to full instrument restoration, we can provide you with service that is second to none.

    We know you don’t want to be without your guitar or bass very long. We are proud to offer our top level service with quick return time – one week.

    Send an email to us with details about the needs of your instrument.

    After we receive your email, we will assign a specific date for you to bring your instrument to us. Once you accept this date, your instrument is booked and bench time has been scheduled.

    12-Point Club Bass & Guitar Check List

    1. deep cleaning of fingerboard
    2. clean/polish frets
    3. clean neck and body
    4. inspect frets for levelness and wear
    5. check nut height
    6. adjust neck to proper relief
    7. adjust saddles to proper height for your playing style
    8. install strings (not included)
    9. set intonation
    10. tighten hardware
    11. test battery level and electronics
    12. spray clean controls (if needed)

    Setup Fees*

    • Acoustic Guitar $75.00
    • Electric Bass $85.00
    • Electric Guitar $85.00

    *new strings required for setups

    Minimum Fee

    Bench time is spent when you ask us to find the source of a problem(s) with your instrument. We charge a nominal fee to cover our time. When possible this fee will be credited toward the repair of your instrument.

    Fee: $30.00

    Our Instrument Set Ups

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