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AI Machine Modelling
VIR Cab Simulation
TONEX & Amplitube 5 Software Included


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TONEX pedal lets you store and play thousands of the world’s most sought-after amps, cabs and pedals – or your own gear, modelled in minutes.

Ground-breaking AI Machine Modeling technology captures every nuance of any guitar and bass amp, cab or pedal. Choose from an online library of thousands of rare, one-of-a-kind rigs, or use the included TONEX software to literally model your own gear at home on your computer.

What’s New In Version 1.1.4

TONEX MAX now includes 50 additional high-gain Tone Models for up to 1,100 Premium Tone Models in all. Among the new ones are 25 amp-only Tone Models for players who want to use their own custom IRs or IK’s exclusive VIR cab technology, plus 25 Tone Models of the same amps with a matching cab or paired with a popular cab chosen specifically for high-gain tones.
The new Tone Models include amps based on MESA/Boogie Mark V, Mark IV and Triple Crown, Peavey 5150, Fender EVH 5150III 50w, PRS Archon 100, Mezzabarba Trinity, Mezzabarba Mzero, Randall Warhead WH300, Orange Rockerverb MK I, Marshall JCM 900 and Marshall 6100 LM Anniversary.

A Limitless Collection Of Tones

TONEX is more than just a pedal, it’s an ecosystem of tone, with a full range of hardware, software and apps to transport your tones everywhere, seamlessly, from your DAW and plug-ins for studio production, to your mobile device for impromptu practicing. Access your favorite Tone Models not only from the TONEX Pedal, but also from the free TONEX software and free TONEX iOS app.

Cabinet & Mic Simulator

Tonex pedal also offers IK’s award-winning VIR™ cabinet and mic simulation, a custom IR loader to use your own impulses.

5 reviews for IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal

  1. Mark (verified owner)

    The learning curve is kinda steep, but totally worth the climb. I’ve been able to find “my sound,” a dozen times over. For a cover band, you can honour the original bassist by using their exact same gear. For the experimenter, you can tweak to your heart’s content. I’ve used it to keep my pedal/amp GAS contained within this environment. Great for live applications, and the software is perfect for recording in my DAW. Dave & team have knocked it out of the park again by bringing this to us.

  2. Marc (verified owner)

    It was a very pleasant buying experience from Club Bass & Guitar. They even reached out to make sure the information I had submitted around delivery was correct. The pedal was shipped quickly and arrived without any issues. I won’t hesitate to buy more products from them! The Tonex pedal is amazing as well – it’s worth way more than what it sells for.

  3. John Zwicewicz (verified owner)

    Like others, purchased from Club Bass and was super impressed with speed of shipping and service. Thanks guys!

    Aside from that, this pedal rocks. Super versatile, way more capable than Strymon Iridium it replaced on my board.

  4. DAMON (verified owner)

    I hadn’t heard of Club Bass before, I thought it was a fishing store : ) Seriously though, I put my order in and their team is very attentive and I could tell that they were actively trying to please me. They sent out my package and I received it in perfect condition and they weren’t trying to gouge me on price. With this economic environment I am well pleased. Thanks guys!

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery of a new product that was not even in stock anywhere else!

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