Boutique Guitars & Basses

Modern Vintage MVJ4-65 Fretless J-Style Bass  Piano Black
GR Bass DUAL 800 2-Channel Bass Amp
GR Bass AeroTech AT212Slim
Modern Vintage MVP4-62 Shell Pink Bass
Victor Baker Guitars
Modern Vintage MVJ4-66 J-Style Bass Fiesta Red
MVJ4-65 Fretless Bass
Modern Vintage MVJ4-65
Limited Edition Fretless
★★★★★ Rated
GR Bass DUAL 800 Bass Amp
GR Bass DUAL 800
Dual Preamp - 800 Watts
★★★★★ Rated
GR Bass AT212Slim
GR Bass AT212Slim 900-Watt, 28 lb.
★★★★★ Rated
MVP4-62 Shell Pink
Modern Vintage Basses
★★★★★ Rated
K-Line Guitars
K-Line Guitars
MVJ4-66 Three Tone Sunburst
Modern Vintage Basses
★★★★★ Rated

GR Guitar FRFR Cabinets

GR Guitar FRFR Guitar Cabinets
GR Guitar FRFR Active Cabinets
FRFR Active Guitar Cabinets
Coming 2022!

Boutique Bass Amplification

Modern Vintage MVP-62 P-Style Bass
GR Bass AeroTech
GR Bass AeroTech Carbon Fiber Cabinets
Lightest Bass Cabinets In The World
★★★★★ Rated

Guitar Cabinets

GR Guitar FRFR Guitar Cabinets
GR Guitar Passive Guitar Cabinets
GR Guitar - Coming 2022

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