Boutique Guitars & Basses

Archtop Semi-Hollow & Hollow Guitars

60s Jazz-Style & P-Style Basses

Strat-Style & Tele-Style Guitars

Old World Handcarved Craftsmanship

Hot Rod Strat-Style & Tele-Style Guitars

60s Strat-Style & Tele-Style Guitars

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Boutique Guitar Amps

Boutique Bass Amplification

Why Shop With Us?

We’ve been evaluating and vetting the finest instruments and products for 25+ years.

That experience has resulted in the curation of the best line up that we’ve ever had.

We’re excited to provide and share this with you, our clients.

Visiting Our Showroom

In-person shopping at our showroom is by appointment only.

Your scheduled time is exclusively ‘your’ time. No other clients will be here during your visit.

You’ll receive 100% of our attention and assistance.

Brands & Partners

We're proud to be the exclusive Canadian dealer for these brands.

Owner operated, small businesses, passionate about their craft.

They're our extended families, and we are theirs.