Boutique Guitars & Basses

Archtop Semi-Hollow & Hollow Guitars

60s Jazz-Style & P-Style Basses

Strat-Style & Tele-Style Guitars

Old World Handcarved Craftsmanship

Hot Rod Strat-Style & Tele-Style Guitars

60s Strat-Style & Tele-Style Guitars

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Boutique Guitar Amps

Boutique Bass Amplification

Why Shop With Us?

We’ve been evaluating and vetting the finest instruments and products for 25+ years.

That experience has resulted in the curation of the best line up that we’ve ever had.

We’re excited to provide and share this with you, our clients.

Brands & Partners

We're proud to be the exclusive Canadian dealer for these brands.

Owner operated, small businesses, passionate about their craft.

They're our extended families, and we are theirs.