Boutique Guitars & Basses

Modern Vintage MVP4-62 Shell Pink Bass
Modern Vintage MVS-64 Strat-Style Guitar
Modern Vintage MVJ4-66 Jazz Bass Daphne Blue
Modern Vintage MVJ5-75 5-string jazz bass
Cort Elrick NJS Bass
Ed Friedland w/MVP4 Onstage
Ed Friedland & Modern Vintage Bass
Ed Friedland & Modern Vintage

On tour with The Mavericks

MVS Guitar
'60s Tone & Style

Boutique Performance & Build

MVJ4-66 Daphne Blue

'60s vibe, boutique performance & build

Modern Vintage MVJ5

'70s tone, boutique performance & build

Cort Elrick NJS Basses

Designed & Licensed by
Elrick Bass Guitars

Two Notes ReVolt Analog Amp Sim Pedal

Two Notes ReVolt
Two Notes ReVolt
3-Channel Guitar & Bass Preamps

Studio & stage

Lightweight Bass Cabinets

GR Bass Lightweight Bass Cabinets
GR Bass Lightest Bass Cabs

Bass Cabs

Lightweight Guitar Cabinets

GR Guitar Active FRFR Guitar Cabinets
GR Guitar Cabinets
FRFR Active Guitar Cabs
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