Terms & Conditions

Payment Information

In Store: Cash, Apple Pay, GPay, Interac®, Credit Card
Out-Of-Store Canadian Orders: E-Transfer, PayPal, Wire Transfer
U.S. Orders: PayPal, TransferWise, Wire Transfer
International Orders: TransferWise, Wire Transfer
PayPal Requirement: Buyer must have PayPal Verified Customer status with Confirmed Shipping Address.

Online Order Verification

We may request you email photo ID to us for verifying your order. We reserve the right to cancel any purchase for any reason.

International Purchases

Must be made by PayPal or Wire-Transfer only. Our shopping cart does not currently support International orders and not all items can be sold outside of Canada.

We encourage you to use our website for product and pricing information and then contact us by email or by phone and we can then make payment and shipping information if a product can be sold to you in your country. International customers should consult with their banks and local customs brokers for information on import duties, VAT and exchange rates. We have no way to know what these additional international costs may be and all costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

We will provide an invoice for customs that ships with the product and this invoice will match the value of the shipped product and the insurance of the shipped product. We are not able to make any adjustments of these values. We only send international shipments via FEDEX air. You should expect a freight charge of at least $125 on a bass to anywhere outside North America. We can provide these costs for you before the product ships.


We do have a layaway program, but due to the constraint of many hand-made and allocated products, the maximum layaway period is 30 days. The layaway program requires a 50% non-refundable deposit.