Genelec 8050B 8″ Powered Studio Monitor – Dark Grey

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Detail and Transparency

Genelec 8050B powered studio monitor represents a class-leading balance of extraordinary SPL output, expansive dynamic range and an intensely detailed, transparent performance. Its superb directivity and a wide sweet spot means you can move position and still trust what you're hearing.

Studio Monitor Mixes That Translate

The 8050B ensures a flat playback response, and it helps you really analyze the spectral balance of a recording so you can produce mixes that always translate reliably.

Room Response Compensation

All Genelec loudspeaker systems feature room response adjustments to compensate for the room influences and retrieve a flat frequency response at the listening position.

Built-In Power Management

Genelec's ISS™ circuitry tracks the signal input of the loudspeaker and detects if it is in use. So, if the ISS circuit does not find any audio on the input for a period of time, it sets the loudspeaker to a low-power sleep state and the loudspeaker will consume less than 0.5 watts. When an input signal is detected, the loudspeaker immediately turns itself on.

Improved Sound Image Definition

Genelec designed a loudspeaker stand called Iso-Pod™ - Isolation Positioner/Decoupler that is attached to the aluminium enclosure. It has four shallow feet and it is made from special lossy rubber-like material. It is firmly attached to the enclosure so that it can be slid along the curved bottom or side surface to allow for a ±15° tilt of the loudspeaker.

Genelec 8050B Powered Studio Monitor Specifications

SPL: 110 dB
Amplifier Power: 150 W Bass (Class AB) + 120 W Treble (Class AB)
Frequency Response: 32 Hz - 25 kHz (-6 dB)
Driver Dimensions: 8 inch woofer, .75 inch tweeter
Dimensions: H 17 25/32 x W 11 1/4 x D 10 15/16 in, with Iso-Pod™
Weight: 14.4 kg / 31.7 lb
Connections: 1 x XLR Analog Input