Slate Digital FG-2A Opto-Compressor

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The Most Legendary Opto-Compressor In The History Of Recorded Music

To create the FG-2A, Slate Digital spent over a year measuring, analyzing, and obsessing over every aspect of the 2A. From its characteristic saturation to the magic of the T4 optical attenuator to the signature release response.

Start With The Best

Because every 2A is different, we started with the best. We listened to a ton of units until we found one that captured all the warmth & tone we knew producers would love. FG-2A captures the warmest, most musical opto compressor we’ve ever heard.

Slate Digital FG-2A The New Standard

There are lots of 2A plugins out there—no one gets it right. With saturation that’s peak-for-peak accurate to the original hardware, nobody else comes close to FG-2A.

You can add incredible warmth & tone to your tracks within seconds!