Apogee Symphony ECS Channel Strip

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Apogee Symphony ECS Channel Strip offers simple but comprehensive EQ, compression and saturation for enhancing your tracks with minimum fuss and maximum results. 

Apogee Symphony ECS Channel Strip Highlights

  • Channel Strip format offering multiple effects in one plugin.
  • Vintage-modeled 3-band EQ
  • Clearmountain-tuned Compressor with Auto Makeup
  • Saturation from subtle gain to warm crush
  • Flexible High-Pass
  • DualPath flexibility with Symphony Desktop
  • Please note: This plugin is included with your Symphony Desktop purchase
  • Apogee Symphony ECS Channel Strip Features


    The ECS Strip’s EQ is based on vintage 1970’s hardware EQ that’s simple but potent, so you can dial in your sound with ease. You can switch the high pass filter to the compressor sidechain for aggressive compression without pumping.


    With parameters tuned by legendary mixer Bob Clearmountain, the ECS compressor offers foolproof gain reduction with just the essential controls. Parallel compression is easy using the included Mix knob.


    Add the finishing touch to your sound with variable levels of saturation, from subtle volume boosting through crunchy and exciting to full-on crush.

    Flexible Workflows

    The ECS Channel Strip runs both on Symphony Desktop on-board hardware DSP and as a native plugin in your DAW, opening an array of innovative and flexible workflows.

    So you  can commit to your processing with Print FX mode or set up DualPath monitoring for zero latency recording with the ECS Channel Strip.

    ECS Compatibility

    macOS | Windows