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    Limited Supply. When they’re gone, they’re really gone

    Guild Starfire II Bass. Reg. $1880.00 Showroom Demo Special $1780.00




    Sire Marcus Miller V7 4-String Bass Special $669.00




    Owned for a week but 100% new.
    Email us if you want to buy this bass.

    D’Angelico Guitars – Showroom Demo Sale

    Select in-stock models on sale. Shop in person.

    Mono Betty Guitar Straps – Clear Out Priced

    Ash and Black, Long & Short versions









    Mono Vertigo Semi-Hollow Guitar Case – Black. Clear Out Deal


    Analysis Plus Cables Yellow Oval Instrument & Mic Cables 10′ & 15′. Great Deals Up to 20% Off

    Shop our cables page now for savings

    REVV Amps G3 Preamp Pedal Reg. $279.00 Showroom Demo Special $229.00

    Two Notes Captor 8 Ohm Loadbox – Demo Unit $279.00

    Two Notes LIVE Digital Loadbox – Demo Unit Special. In-store only.

    Two Notes STUDIO Digital Loadbox – Demo Unit Special. In-store only.

    Two Notes Preamp Pedals – LeBass, LeClean, LeCrunch. Showroom Demo Specials



    Sadowsky Bass Guitar Preamp/DI Pedal Reg. $409.99 Clearance Special $290.00









    The Sadowsky Bass Preamp/DI pedal contains the same famous circuitry built into every Sadowsky bass.

    Controls: Volume, Treble boost, Bass boost
    Footswitches: Preamp Bypass, Mute switch with a live tuner out, DI Ground Lift Switch

    Sadowsky Bass Preamp/DI pedal is great for passive basses, basses with active pickups, and instruments that have active electronics that can be bypassed. It also works with all upright bass pickups.


    Pioneer DM-40 Active Monitor Speaker, Black. Clear Out Deal








    Compact DM-40 desktop monitors for excellent audio quality to your home setup.

    Digiflex Instrument Cables 3′, 6′, 10′, 15′, 20′

    All Digiflex cables cleared priced. In-store only

    Dunlop Strap Locks

    Black, Gold, & Nickel versions. All on sale.

    D’Angelico Electrozinc Guitar Strings. Clear Out Priced









    D’Angelico Electrozinc 9’s – 09 11 16 24 32 42

    D’Angelico Electrozinc 10’s – 10 13 17 26 36 46

    D’Angelico Electrozinc Jazz 10s – 10 14 23W 30 39 47

    D’Angelico Electrozinc 11’s  – 11 14 18 28 38 49

    D’Angelico Electrozinc Jazz 12s – 12 16 24W 32 42 52

    D’Angelico Electrozinc Jazz 13s – 13 17 26W 36 46 56

    Sadowsky Blue Label Flatwound Guitar Strings Reg. $26.50 Sale $18.50

    Gauges 12 16 24 32 42 52

    Sadowsky Blue Label Bass Strings Reg. $39.99 Sale $26.99





    Medium Stainless Steel bass strings 45 65 85 105

    DR Bass Strings – Close Out Prices. The more you buy, the greater the deal.

    Black Beauties 5-string sets 45-125

    DDT Drop Down Tuning 4-String Sets 55-115

    Hi-Beams 4-String Sets 45-105

    Hi-Beams 5-String Sets 45-125

    Nickel Lo-Rider 4-String Sets 45-105

    Lo-Rider 4-String Sets 45-105

    Sunbeams 4-String Sets 45-100

    Pro Audio Loudspeakers – Major Brand. In-Store Deals Only.

    PA Loudspeaker Stands

    DNA Amplification DNS-110 Bass Cabinets Pre-Owned Cash ‘n’ Carry Price $450.00









    Designed and made by the founder of famous bass amp brand Eden. These cabs produce deep bass with nice top end in a compact package. They are loud. Sounds like a 1×12 cabinet.

    Price for new is $850.00 each. Here’s the deal.  $450.00 each. Two cabs available. Buy both price $800.00

    Components: one 10″ ceramic woofer
    Neodymium tweeter, 2-way crossover
    Power Handling: 350 watts, 700 W Peak
    Impedance: 8 ohm
    Sensitivity: 100dB @2.83V/1M
    Connection: Speakon
    Dimensions: 12″H x 21″W x 15″D
    Weight: 35 lbs.
    Handle: two side/top handles

    MusicNomad Grip Winder & Octopus Tool. In-Store Deals Only.

    Bartolini MK-1 5-String Bass Soapbar Pickup Set $50.00

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