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  • Modern Vintage Basses at NAMM 2020

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    Modern Vintage Guitars & Basses debuted their new line of 1960s styled bass guitars at the January 2020 NAMM show.

    We've all seen many vintage styled basses over the past decades. But there's more to these basses than just the old J bass look. Modern Vintage added updates and improvements to the J style.

    Their 66 J styled bass features an Alder body, Torrefied Maple neck with binding, Indian Rosewood fingerboard with clay dots, a matching painted headstock, a steel bridge with steel screw rod saddles, and Hipshot tuners. Topped off with a true vintage 4-ply Tortoise pickguard.

    What's Torrefied Maple you ask? Well it's wood that has been heat treated or roasted until it has nearly 0% internal moisture. It doesn't expand, or contract with changing weather or humidity levels. It also improves stability and increases the sustain of each note. This is a serious upgrade they're offering at no extra charge.

    Why did they use a steel bridge with vintage screw saddles? It's period correct. But more importantly it maintains the attack/decay of the original vintage bass. That's how the Motown bass sound came about. Basses back then had a steel bridge/saddles and flatwound strings. Stainless steel round wound strings didn't exist yet.

    We shot this video at NAMM. Played these basses too. Gotta say they're awesome! We'll have them in stock in February.

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