Black Volt Amplification HAWK Guitar Amp

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Black Volt Amplification HAWK Guitar Amp

The HAWK is the newest addition to the Black Volt Amplification line up. This 1x10" combo has the classic Black Volt sound in a compact package. Don't be fooled by its size - this amp delivers huge tone!

The 1/2 power switch makes it perfect for home recording. Get all the tone without disturbing your neighbours. Go full volume when recording tracks in a larger studio room.

You can also customize your tone by swapping the power tubes - no re-biasing is required!

Each HAWK amp is a one-of-a kind. This amp is serial #015. Built and signed by Black Volt owner Gio Loria. He selects the cabinet wood and a unique grille for every amp that comes to us!

Black Volt HAWK Specs

Input: 1/4" separate Low and High

Controls: Volume, Tone, Bright switch, 1/2 Power switch

Extension Speaker Output: 1/4" 8 Ohm jack

Completely handwired point to point circuitry

15 watts Class A power output

A groundbreaking new amp that offers limitless tonal variation

Shape your tone with any octal base power tube. No re- biasing is required

1/2 Power provides all of your tone at reduced volume. Great for recording sessions

Solid Pine wood cabinet

Jensen 10″ speaker

Dimensions: 16.75"H x 16.25"W x 9.75" D

Weight: 24 lb

Handcrafted in LA, California, USA


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