DR Strings MH5-45 Lo-Rider 5 Bass Strings 45-125

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DR Lo-Rider Bass Strings.

DR Lo-Rider™  bass strings. are for players who are into slapping, popping and tapping. With a stainless-steel wrap wire on a hexagonal core, they deliver a combination of high end, depth and a bit of stiffness that makes harmonics very accurate. Great consistency and superior string-to-string balance are hallmarks of all DR strings, but Lo-Rider™ bass strings provide more depth of tone and are a bit stiffer than Hi-Beams™.

DR Lo-Rider bass strings are proudly made in Westwood, New Jersey. We use only the finest American made materials, starting with the core and wrap wire, to the ball ends, to the final packaging.  

Lo-Rider MH5-45 5-String Set

Gauges: Medium  .045 .065 .080 .105 .125