Genelec 8040B 6.5″ Powered Studio Monitor – Dark Grey

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Studio Monitor With Big Sound

Genelec 8040B active studio monitor is the choice of recording professionals the world over.  The 8040B’s pristine performance extends to an SPL of 105dB and reaches right down to 41Hz.

Sonic Accuracy

The 8040B active studio monitor features a recycled aluminium cabinet design combines transparent, uncoloured audio quality with a unique aesthetic beauty.

Room Response Compensation

All Genelec loudspeaker systems feature room response adjustments to compensate for the room influences and retrieve a flat frequency response at the listening position.

Built-In Power Management

Genelec's ISS™ circuitry tracks the signal input of the loudspeaker and detects if it is in use. If the ISS circuit does not find any audio on the input for a period of time, it sets the loudspeaker to a low-power sleep state and the loudspeaker will consume less than 0.5 watts. When an input signal is detected, the loudspeaker immediately turns itself on.

Improved Sound Image Definition

Genelec designed a loudspeaker stand called Iso-Pod™ - Isolation Positioner/Decoupler that is attached to the aluminium enclosure. It has four shallow feet and it is made from special lossy rubber-like material. It is firmly attached to the enclosure so that it can be slid along the curved bottom or side surface to allow for a ±15° tilt of the loudspeaker.

Genelec 8040B Active Studio Monitor Specifications

SPL: 105 dB
Amplifier Power: 90 W Bass (Class AB) + 90 W Treble (Class AB)
Frequency Response: 41 Hz - 25 kHz (-6 dB)
Driver Dimensions: 6.5 inch woofer, .75 inch tweeter
Dimensions: H 365 x W 237 x D 223 mm, with Iso-Pod™
Weight: 9.4 kg / 20.7 lb
Connections: 1 x XLR Analog Input