IK Multimedia AXE I/O ONE Interface

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USB Recording Interface
Designed For Guitar & Bass
Plug ‘n’ Play Operation


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Interface Designed For Guitar And Bass Players

AXE I/O ONE interface Z-TONE input circuit allows you to dial in the perfect tone for recording by changing the impedance of the guitar input to go from a tighter/sharper tone to a thicker/bolder tone on the same instrument.

The Class A JFET input buffer adds the midrange focus, warmth and harmonic enhancement highly sought after by guitar players, while an Active/Passive pickup selector allows precise input settings at the flip of a switch.

Take control of your sound

Unique to AXE I/O family, the ONE interface also features external controller inputs to connect switches or volume pedals to control the included software hands-free, without ever having to stop playing. You can also use AXE I/O ONE’s MIDI input and output to connect floor controllers or iRig Stomp I/O to add even more real-time controls.

Real amp integration with Amp Out

The exclusive Amp Out allows players to connect directly to a guitar amplifier or a guitar rig for practicing using a hybrid setup of virtual and real guitar gear. Or it can be used for reamping, the technique of recording a dry guitar signal and using external gear for processing, or even to capture your own real rig and turn it into a plug-in using the included artificial intelligence software.

A massive bundle of tones

With both AmpliTube 5 SE and TONEX SE included, you’ll have instant access to a huge library of thousands of gear models and presets to record and play right out of the box, and AXE I/O ONE works with any recording application.

AmpliTube 5 SE includes 80 pieces of gear that cover a wide range of stomp and rack effects, amps, cabs, speakers, mics and rooms with complex series/parallel rig chains easily built by drag and drop to emulate any type of sound.


Best-in-class guitar tone

  • Z-TONE® input for a wide tonal palette
  • Selectable Active/Passive instrument input
  • JFET/PURE instrument preamp
  • Amp Out for Tone Modeling or reamplification
  • Connect up to 2 expression pedals, single and double-switches
  • Lightweight compact design for recording on the go
  • Includes AmpliTube SE, TONEX SE and Ableton Live Lite
  • Premium Studio Sound

  • High-resolution, ultra-low-noise Class A microphone preamp
  • Best-in-class conversion and superior analog design
  • USB-C bus powered
  • 108 dB dynamic range
  • Includes control software
  • High-definition 24-bit/192 kHz audio
  • Connections

  • 1 in/3 out (one low-noise Amp Out)
  • 1 ultra-low noise mic in/instrument in
  • 2 balanced monitor outs/line outs
  • Reference headphones out
  • 2 fully configurable external control inputs
  • MIDI input/output
  • USB 2.0 compatible with Mac/PC
  • Package includes
    AXE I/O One
    USB A-Type to USB C-Type connection cable (1.5m/4.32ft)

    Size: 13cm/5.12" x 14.5cm/5.71" x 5.2cm/2.04"
    Weight: 0.37kg/0.8lb

    64-bit application. Requires a 64 bit CPU and Operating System.

    Mac® (64-bits)
    Minimal: macOS 10.15 or later. One free USB port.

    Windows® (64-bits)
    Minimal: Windows 10 or later. One free USB port.