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  1. The cab arrived in perfect condition. The weight is phenomenally light as advertised. The sound is better than I expected – tight, articulate and punchy throughout the whole range of my Dingwall 6 string bass.

  2. The Elrick strings are on two of my five string basses. I’ll be placing an order for a four string set. Dave’s knowledge, expertise and customer service are superb. Thank you.

  3. I purchased a Modern Vintage MVJ4-66 ’60s in November of 2023. I have had two months too really dig in with this bass. I am really impressed! The neck is very nice (love the roasted maple) and easy to play. The pickups are amazing. I have been playing, predominantly, active basses for the last few years and the output of this bass is truly amazing. The rest of the electronics operate smoothly and as expected. The body finish is fantastic. I am glad I made this purchase and it has become my main bass over the last two months!

  4. First gig with the new rig last night (GR Bass ONE800 with AT212Slim 2×12). Lots of sound, clean tone from the B string to the G string, and going from about 130 lb. of gear to under 30 lbs is magic. There is no compromise in clarity, tone, or power with this cabinet, but the bonus you’ll get from load in/out is priceless.

  5. I was intentionally waiting to write this review so that I’d spend as much time as possible with the ReVolt for Bass. I love this unit – it’s exactly the upgrade to my signal chain that I was hoping for. I’ve been a minimalist with regards to pedals and still find the multi-fx units a bit too daunting for me. The simplicity of having 3 very usable channels is great. I’m using the clean channel in most situations and it gives me the Ampeg tone I’m used to, with a lot of warmth. The grit channel is really good, nice & even and very listenable. It’s a great option for cutting through the mix. Even the modern distortion channel is very usable, but in my case it really is more suited for specific atmospheres I want to create. The FX loop is great and allows me to integrate the pedals I’ve been collecting. I’m looking forward to using the ReVolt in both the 4-cable method with my amp and as a preamp to my amp as well. I’m extremely happy with this purchase and love using it with all my basses.

  6. Killer Tone, unbelievable weight. My only complaint is that I wish there was a handle on top, as it’s easily carried in one hand, but balances poorly when grabbed with a side handle. It’s so there with what really counts though. Wicked cab!

  7. Amazing features, incredible tone.

  8. Impeccable 5-String Bass Perfection! Modern Vintage folks careful attention to fine details that matter the most make all the difference! Absolutely killer bass tones! Gorgeous instrument in every way!
    I’ve played a variety of great vintage basses with the band projects I’m working with currently and my MVJ5 is the only bass , since I’ve started bring it out, that everyone keeps requesting I use.
    Dave @ Club Bass and Guitar = what can I say ? The guy knows bass! If you are looking for a 5-string bass that plays and sounds like it should you owe it to yourself to try one!

  9. I almost bought a Modern Vintage bass about a year ago, but panicked a bit as I hadn’t tried one and it was not a “big brand” and so I bought a Fender American Pro II. It played great for a while, but soon the neck fell victim to PEI’s range of humidity and it quickly needed a setup, and though it was a good bass, I actually lost interest in it relatively quickly.
    Fast forward to July of this year, I was in Toronto and finally had some time to visit Club Bass (went direct from the airport!) and spend a couple hours with Dave trying out the various MV basses and I was instantly hooked at the quality, the feel, the mix of period accurate vintage features with modern twists. The J basses played themselves – I went home and quickly started selling gear to subsidize a MV and am I ever glad I did. The setup was incredible to the point where I had to raise the action slightly because I was so used to needing to dig in but with the MV the response is incredible – more sound, way less effort. I’ve had to adjust my playing to match in a good way. I recently paired it with a set of Elrick Nickel bass strings and it’s even better. The neck is solid – hasn’t moved in the slightest in the two months I’ve had it.

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