Victor Baker Guitars

Victor Baker is an accomplished jazz guitarist, composer, and a highly regarded guitar luthier.

His love of guitar began when he stole his sister's cheap acoustic guitar from her room in 1980. What followed was years of woodshedding, attending Berklee Music, and touring in the US.

During the early 1990s, Victor was part of the Music Under New York program and played hundreds of underground gigs in the NYC subway system. He also performed as a leader and a sideman in many New York jazz clubs. In 1993, Victor studied privately with jazz legend Pat Martino and changed gears to exclusively playing jazz.

In 2000, Victor caught the luthier bug and fell totally in love with the craft. He studied every resource he could find to learn the craft and began taking orders from local players. Presently, Victor has made over 500 custom guitars! His guitar are played worldwide.

Victor's experience as a player has been put into his guitars. Each one has an immediate 'feels like home' playability - they play and sound as good as it they look. A limited number of guitars are made each year. These guitars are highly sought after by guitar aficionados.

We had been on the quest for a new guitar to bring into our gallery. After doing extensive research we connected with Victor in 2015. Each guitar he builds for us is unique in some way. It may be one of kind woods or the finish or sometimes it's both! Often we get to choose how the guitar will be built.
We're honoured to be on the very short list of his dealers. The great journey is continues!

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