GR Bass ATCUBE Acoustic 2-Channel 1×12 Bass Combo Amp w/Transport Cover


Ultimate Doubling Combo Amp
2 Independent Preamp Channels
High Power


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2-Channel Bass Combo Amp

Lightweight 2-channel 1x12 bass combo amp designed for double bass, acoustic bass, and acoustic stringed instruments. Each channel has its own DI output for custom feeds to the studio or PA mixer. This combo is compact, powerful, and a featherweight.

Studio Quality Preamp

The Acoustic bass combo amp is perfect for both live gigs or pro studio recording. The 2-Channel preamp with detailed EQ and a sweepable notch filter allows you to dial in your sound for both microphone and piezo pickup systems.
You can run a straight wire signal path using PURE mode which by-passes the preamp and routes the signal direct to the outputs.

Carbon Fiber Makes ATCUBE ACOUSTIC Combo Better

ATCUBE ACOUSTIC is made of high-tech carbon fiber materials developed for the AeroSpace industry and are used for rigidity and consistency while offering durability and reduced weight.

When compared to any wood combo amp on the market, the AeroTech Series ATCUBE ACOUSTIC has better focus, detail, punch, overall richness of sound and a more open soundstage.

GR Bass ATCUBE ACOUSTIC Bass Combo Amp - Specifications

Panel Features

Instrument Input Ch1, Ch2: XLR 1/4" combo jack
Phantom Power Switch Ch1, Ch2: On/Off 48 Volt Phantom power with LED indicator
Phase Switch Ch1, Ch2: On/Off Phase Reverse
Piezo Switch Ch1, Ch2: Assigns input impedance for piezo pickups
Gain Control Ch1, Ch2: Sets input level
Deep Button Ch1, Ch2: Applies bass boost
Low Knob Ch1, Ch2: Low boost or cut
Mid Knob Ch1, Ch2: Boost or cut
Mid-Low Knob Ch1, Ch2: Boost or cut
Pure Switch Ch1, Ch2:: Enables EQ/Preamp bypass mode
Mid-High Knob Ch1, Ch2: Boost or cut
High Knob Ch1, Ch2: Boost or cut  ± 13 dB max @ 7.6k Hz
Bright Button Ch1, Ch2: Boost +6 dB @ 9.6k Hz
DI Knob Ch1, Ch2: Sets DI output level
Notch Button Ch1: Enables Notch Filter
Notch Knob Ch1, Ch2: Sweepable Notch Filter 100Hz - 1000Hz, -10dB cut
Compressor Button Ch2: Enables Compressor - Ch. 2 only
Compressor Knob Ch2: Sweepable Compressor Threshold - Ch. 2 only
Compressor Ratio Button Ch2: Selects Compressor Ratio 2:1, 4:1, 8:1
Mute Button Ch1, Ch2: Enables Mute - all outputs, LED turns Red
Channel Selector Switch: Assigns output mode Ch.1, Ch.2, or Mix 1&2
Master Volume Ch1, Ch2: Sets output level for each channel
LEDs Ch1, Ch2: Indicates operational mode; Blue - channel activated, Red - input signal clip

Back Panel Features

Extension Speaker Output: Speakon 1/4″ Combo Jack
DI Output Mode: Assigns outputs as DUAL or Mixed Ch.1 & Ch.2
Ground Lift Button: Lifts XLR output ground
Pre/Post Button: Assigns EQ or EQ-bypass to the DI output
DI XLR Outputs Ch1, Ch2: Connects to PA mixer or DAW recording interface
Effects Loop: 1/4″ Send and Return jacks
Ethernet Port: For connecting to optional GR footboard controller
9VDC Power Port: 300mA Effect Pedal Power Supply
Power: 400W RMS, 800W RMS (with 8 ohm extension)
AC Input: 115-230v (auto selectable)

Cabinet Specifications

Woofer: 1×12″
Tweeter: 1″ with three level control switch
Frequency Response: 40Hz to 18 kHz
Sensitivity: 99 dB SPL
Dimensions: 16.93H x 15.75W x 14.96D (inches)
Weight: 20.3 lbs.

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