The Best Telecaster-Style Guitars Not Made By Fender

Vivid Guitar just did a round up of the best Tele-Style guitars that are not made by Fender. K-Line’s Truxton Tele-Style guitar is on the list!

What They Said About The K-Line Truxton Guitar

K-Line is the product of St. Louis, Missouri-based Chris Kroenlein, and his Truxton t-style guitar is a killer take on the classic tele design.

K-Line uses hand selected woods, top-quality hardware, and K-Line custom hand-wound pickups. Whether you are looking for a distressed/road-worn look, or a non-aged guitar that will age well from your own use, Chris takes the time to work with you to make sure you get your dream guitar. The reviews of K-Line guitars are generally as good as it gets, and Chris has earned a reputation is one of the best boutique telecaster-style guitar manufactures out there.

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